14 February 2011

Back at It

After a little while, it’s probably worthwhile to write down some thoughts of what has been going on.

Let’s see, a few weeks ago was Manila.

Overall, a great experience. While I was only there for four days, I felt like I was able to experience much of the country. This was mostly due to the helpfulness of my classmate Carlo. I was able to try scuba diving, see a volcano crater and be on a game show all in the span of a few days. Looking back, this was probably one of the most exciting string of four days in my life. I also found out that Philippine sausages are very good. Pig face is also very good.

Last week was Bangkok. One of the main points that was reinforced constantly in my mind is “do not trust tuk-tuk drivers”. Given the chance these guys will drive you to every gem shop and tailor in the whole city. They’re not threatening mind you, but rather annoying. After a while, especially if you know their game, they can be somewhat amusing and in fact, there isn’t much more that I enjoy that a quick ride on these death trap on wheels. Just avoid them in tourist
areas and they’re good.

Another comment I’d like to make is about Asian malls. While every country I’ve visited here is different in their own little ways, their malls in every country are exactly the same. I’ve never been in a place where I can buy the same shirt from Zara ten times over. In Singapore I could probably buy the same shirt in fifty different places. No longer is the Asian mall a bargain hunt that it once was.

The rest of Bangkok is great. I love the food and the atmosphere. No other place in the world can you find so much awesome food at such low prices. The food there is generally clean as well. This is a variable that a traveller definitely can’t ignore, though it sounds somewhat lame to mention it as criteria for a nice place to visit.

The past few days have been spent in Singapore going through a gauntlet of classes: Three hours Friday, seven on Saturday and eight on Sunday. A lot of learning for sure.

Coming up in the next few days: We’re planning on finishing up a lot of school work, visiting Indonesia, maybe getting my iPhone back (had a battery that was in the process of exploding) and seeing the last of our list of things to do in Singapore. Come next week our time here is virtually finished and we’ll be in New Zealand enjoying a ten day vacation from our vacation.

Until next time… here are A LOT more pictures!

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