04 February 2011

Last We Heard...

You were in Hanoi. Here we are about nine days later with no updates. So to make it easy I'll do a quick breakdown with more pictures to follow sooner or later:

January 29 - Classes all day. Well one got canceled. We then went to Ion Orchard for a nice dim sum dinner. It was nice while walking back from Ion, there was a ton of rain and we were the only ones with an umbrella and therefore the only ones walking around.

January 30 - Studied all day and got computer stuff done. Not too exciting. Later that night we tried to get a taxi to the airport and almost missed our flight since there was so much rain and so few taxis. We made it though.

January 31 - Awoke on the plane to find ourselves in Manila at 5am. Our friend Carlo picked us up and fed us. We mercifully were allowed to sleep a few more hours before meeting up with more of our friends and going on a walking tour of Old Manila.

February 1 - Got up super early today and went to the beach to do some Scuba Diving. Do I have a license? No. Was it a lot of fun? Yes.

February 2 - Got up super early again. This time we were heading to Mount Pinatubo and swam in Lake Pinatubo. Swimming in the lake was one of my trip highlights. It's definitely beautiful up there!

February 3 - Was on a Philippine Game Show. No big deal.

So that's it. Nine days! Stay tuned for pictures!

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