25 January 2011

Hello Bangkok, Singapore and Hanoi!

Last we left off, we had just arrived in Bangkok. In the three days following we at a lot of great food (Tom Yum, Khao Soi, plus A LOT more), went to my cousin's 600 person wedding, saw a dead body, and went to the Thailand Design Center. Overall not a bad way to spend a few days.

One of the things I miss whenever I leave Bangkok is the food. There is a lot of it and it's cheap and relatively clean. When you walk the streets there are small stands and shops selling all sorts of food. With each dish costing about $1, it's hard not to fill up on meals and snacks.

The next thing we saw was a dead body. While driving along in a taxi, traffic suddenly backed up. After getting to the front of the wreck, we saw what had happened. In Bangkok, at places, the traffic can get pretty rough, and it's very much a Frogger-like situation so you have to be very careful when crossing the street. Unfortunately, this individual wasn't so lucky.

On a happier note, we went to my cousin's wedding. The reception was great with many Thai traditions which included, Monks, tying strings to each others heads and more.

Then there was the ceremony, which we only got to attend a part of since we had class in Singapore the next morning. Basically, it was a 600 person affair with a lot of great Thai food at a fancy hotel. It was quite the production and made me feel I was at the wedding of some sort of superstar!

From the wedding reception we then headed off to the airport to get back to Singapore. We were in bed by 2am and up at 7am to get ready for class.

After classes we then headed off the next morning to Hanoi, where we are right now... more on that in a bit.

See below the pictures from our trip from Singapore to Thailand.

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