08 January 2011

Where We Are Today

Warning! The post below is long with a lot of pictures!

Los Angeles – Vancouver – Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Chongqing – Macau – Singapore

Two weeks. It’s almost been two weeks since we left the United States for our Asian studies excursion. As you can see above we’ve been to quite a few cities since then.

Welcome to Hong Kong

Starting off, Hong Kong was great. We got to meet up with our classmate Carlo and get a great first meal of duck at MX (a division of Maxim’s) in Hong Kong. It was perfect because we got in and ate late and while it should have been dark out, it was still as bright as the daytime due to all the neon signs.
The next day we woke up early to do our typical walking days through the streets of Hong Kong. The first point in our journey was my bright idea of walking in the wrong direction for an hour. After grabbing a taxi to make up for the mistake, we ended up at the Western Market, an old Western styled market hall. From there we went on a walking tour that took us past the preserved seafood market, to Man-mo Temple, up the Midlevel Escalators all the way to Victoria Peak where we got a great view of the city. From there we headed even further up the hill and up a rickety staircase to reach an even high peak which had great views of Aberdeen. We then took in the city light show and twelve hours after we started, called it a day.

Into China (Shenzhen)

Originally, the day after we were planning to go to Lantau Island, however, we had to cross the border to Shenzhen as we were flying out the next day. We weren’t sure of the time it would take to cross the border, so we decided to error on having too much time in Shenzhen rather than too little. After crossing we immediately hopped on the subway to take us to a Shenzhen suburb to our hotel. Once securing our $30 a night room with a circular shower (beam me up Scotty!) we went and explored the city’s numerous fancy shopping malls. I felt poor in the US, in Shenzhen I felt like a pauper.

Into the Heart of China (Chongqing)

The day after, we left Shenzhen for Chongqing to meet our classmate for some great Chongqing hospitality. The first stop was for a Chongqing specialty, hot pot. It was GOOD. You can try it at home: lots of oil, chili peppers, black pepper and secret spices are put into a… hot pot and you dip various meat products in it (intestines, tripe, eel, fish, you name it). It was good and filling and a perfect first meal. Afterwards, we went and explored the city and saw where boats for the Yangtze River Cruise Begin. We finally finished up the day with another great meal with dim sum, chicken, peanut milk, and a lot more. Once again we were very full, and were beginning to realize that food would be something we would not be in short supply of while in Chongqing.

That's all for now. Enjoy a lot of pictures below!

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