07 January 2011

Update From Singapore

I need to do a quick update for our trip to China. I've been meaning to do it the past few days, but we've been walking around so much that the routine has been get home at 10pm, fall asleep til 2am, brush teeth and then go back to bed. Hopefully in the next few days we'll be able to break this cycle and do a proper China recap. Plus if we get internet, maybe there will be photos!

Other than that, Singapore has been great. It's really easy to live here with all the amenities that you could get anywhere in the world (for a price).

Yesterday, we had our MBA orientation and met our classmates from: Canada, U.S., France, Norway, China, Korea, and more. It should be a great half semester and I'm sure it'll fly by.

In order to get our student visas our departure cards were taken, so we have one week with nothing to do but relax in Singapore. The key is doing that relaxing without breaking the piggy bank. With the hawker stalls that may be possible as meals are around $3 per person for great food. I think we've already had four Indian meals since we've been here!

Anyway, China recap will be coming soon... I promise!
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