26 November 2010

If Plan A Doesn't Work, Go to Plan B

Today we had every intention of visiting Aegina, one of the Greek Islands, however as soon as we got to Piraeus, we soon found out that an island visit was not to be. Why you ask? There was a strike. At first we were saddened by this turn of events, however, we quickly decided (after riding the metro to and from Athens a few times) to take the tram down the coast.

We ended up doing this and seeing what I expected to see at this time of year in Aegina anyway. Also, we got a phenomenal lunch with chicken and pork gyros that was very filling and very good.

After returning to Athens, we decided to hike up the third major hill in Athens (Areopagus) and watched the sun set over the Acropolis. It was perfect way to end our day and our trip to Athens. Tomorrow we head back to Dusseldorf and end our trip!

Μέχρι την επόμενη φορά!

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