25 November 2010

Destination: Parthenon

Today Kristen and I had a single goal. To see the Parthenon on top of the Citadel of Athens. After getting a later start at 10:45, we headed over to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site. With breathtaking views of the city and amazing historic architecture, this is a site that everyone should have the opportunity to see.

We had a couple of amusing moments with some locals and tourists today. First, while we were on top of the Acropolis, I gave my camera to a fellow Nikon carrying tourist to take our picture. For the next five minutes he proceeded to fiddle with my camera until all the settings were perfect to his liking and the he proceeded to take 10+ pictures of us. What a professional.

Next, we headed down to get some Souvlaki at our new favorite eating area. As soon as we sat down in the nearby square, an older gentleman came up to us and said something in Greek. Thinking he was homeless, I emphatically waved him away. He then responded loudly: "I AM NOT A BEGGAR!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT YOUR SOUVLAKI!!!" After telling him where, he confirmed that our souvlaki choice was a good one. He then told us how he had lived in the United States, owned a few waterbed stores, got married, got divorced, moved to Las Vegas and then returned to Greece where he checks on souvlaki authenticity.

We then went to check out Agora and then went and got a frappe and a smoothie. We then headed to Mount Lycabettus to go for a long climb up. On the way there we had the enjoyable time of avoiding a union protest.

At the top we had great views of Athens and the sea. Once finished, we headed to the Temple of Zeus where Kristen acquired a new dog. There was a dog laying by the entrance gate that Kristen gave a good petting to. The dog then proceeded to follow us for the next half-hour after which we had to run away while he was distracted by a cafe's menu.

We then went our corner bakery and got a huge selection of cookies, cream pies and holiday treats. At this point we were so famished that we ate them all, even though they were for breakfast! Oh well...

We then got a dinner at an ultra-traditional Taverna and then came home for some much needed relaxation.

See the pictures of Kristen's new dog below:

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