24 November 2010

It's all Greek to Me!

Panathinaiko Stadium circa 1896
So the final surprise destination for Kristen was Athens. Not Cairo as I've been telling her the last two weeks!

To get to Athens we had to leave our Paris apartment at 4am this morning. Not the most appealing of times but necessary to get the most out of our trip. Once we arrive to Athens, we went to our giant apartment here in the city. We really lucked out as it is very large with two bedrooms and a kitchen, but also it is about two blocks from the original Olympic stadium and about a twenty minute walk to Plaka and the Acropolis.

Once we got our bearings we headed out to a nearby bakery and got some spanakopita and a ham and feta pastry. Both were exceptionally delicious and the bakery definitely earned a couple of repeat customers. After finishing up, we decided to explore Athens.

A little side note: Kristen and I have these pedometer watches from Polar so we can track generally how much we have walked and been active in a given day. For our trip we've been averaging about three hours of walking per day. We like to walk as you can probably tell. We met our three hour goal today, even with a late start!

Our first stop was our neighbor down the street, Panathinaiko Stadium, or the first Olympic Stadium. Thanks to our Indiana University student IDs we were able to get in for the low price of 1.5 euros per person! After taking a great audio tour of a very, very fancy track stadium, we headed off to Plaka or the older area of Athens. After strolling around for a couple of hours through beautiful windy street and ancient architectural ruins, we settled on a fantastic restaurant (Μπαϊρακτάρης) where we had Stifado and Moussaka, both of which were very tasty.

After rolling ourselves home, we made some plans for the next few days while laying around in a moussaka inspired food coma.

Enjoy our pictures below.

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