21 November 2010

Köln is Cologne and Bonn is Bon

Three hours. That's the amount of time Kristen and I spent walking today. We had a lot of ground to cover and we covered all of it.

Starting off we left our apartment around 9am and headed to the Cologne Cathedral or Dom, as it's known here. I've heard it's big and it is. It also took hundreds of years to complete, as each individual stone had to be intricately carved. There are thousands of these stones. If I had to carve a single stone, that alone would probably take about a hundred years.

Afterward, we the took a walk through the old city and got breakfast. Breakfast was a delicious meal of a German tapioca pastry and some holiday butter cookies. It was all very good. We then headed off and did a little bit of shopping (but no buying) at the various fancy German department stores.

Next, we went to a very special museum. THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! There we were subjected to all sorts of information on one of my favorite foods. We got a bunch of free chocolate (thanks Lindt!).

After we headed off to Bonn to see the factory store of my favorite gummy: Haribo! Kristen and I acted as if we were kids in a candy store (literally and figuratively). Sadly, my luggage isn't large enough to fit the fifteen pounds of candy apple lassos that I wanted to buy. It was nice though and definitely should be on every gummy fan's bucket list.

Once we finished stuffing ourselves with sugar, we headed off to Bonn to see both the university and the Winter Market. The city was very nice and comparable to another German university town, Heidelburg. We enjoyed ourselves by strolling through the huge Christmas market and partaking in some Glühwein, well hot grape juice for us. Also, we got some commemorative Bonn Winter Market mugs when they accidentally fell into Kristen's purse!

After a long day of wandering we finally headed home and closed the day with a delicious meal of meatballs and krautsalat with some peppermint chocolate, fresh coconut and cookies for dessert. We are now full sleepy and happy.

Til next time...

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