19 November 2010

Boom! We're Back!

After about a year and a half, I've decided to revive this blog. In fact, I'll probably use this space for much of my travel from now on.

While the last trip was the "2009 Around the World" trip, this one will be the "2010 Mystery Trip". Why is it a mystery? Kristen has no idea (well maybe a little) where we are going.

Right now we are through the first day, and I'll summarize in my jetlagged, sleepy and overfed state...

We started off yesterday leaving our house at 11 am to drop the dog off at jail to make our 2:25 pm flight. However, at about 11:15 we were greeted with an email saying our flight from Indianapolis to Atlanta was canceled and we were re-booked on a new flight that left an hour sooner and went through Detroit and Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. Unfortunately, since we had our hour drive from Bloomington, we had only the tiniest chance of making this new flight. Thanks Delta.

We drove to the airport to pull in as our flight was taking off. Crap. I get on the phone to re-book and find out there are only flights the next day. Double Crap. We decide to wait in line to get a new flight and fortunately there is a flight going from Memphis --> Amsterdam --> Dusseldorf which is only five hours later than originally planned. So great, we went with that flight and now had time to get Gray Brothers for my birthday meal (yes, it was my birthday). We get back to the airport to find out that the Memphis flight is delayed, so now we are on a new flight to Detroit leaving two hours later. We spent the extra time hanging out with some classmates also heading out of Indianapolis.

Once on the flight it was pretty uneventful except for me spilling a glass of orange juice on Kristen. Ask her, she'll tell you that was the highlight of her day.

After going through Amsterdam, which is an amazingly beautiful airport, we made it to Dusseldorf. Well we made it without my bag. Since we had plans to go from Dusseldorf straight to Cologne this was a new difficulty. The KLM "proper irregularity" people said that they would drop it off later. Great. If I don't have to carry my bag through the Deutsche Bahn station, it's fine by me.

After a bit we ended up at our fourth floor apartment and decided to head out for some food. We ended up heading to the grocery store and getting some sandwiches (salami and cheese on a pretzel roll and a schnitzel sandwich), chips and dessert. See the pictures (when they're up), the food was fantastic. Fortunately after we got back, and at dinner my bag arrived.

To sum up, we made it bumps and all, and we're ready to head to Bonn tomorrow!

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