30 November 2010

Wrap-Up: 2010 Mystery Trip

Well, it's over! The 2010 Mystery Trip has finished.

On the last day of our trip we woke up in Athens early to take the Metro to the airport. Since we woke up a little early, we had time to walk to the Metro station rather than take a taxi. This gave us one last time to see the city and try not to get run over by a car!

Once we arrived in Dusseldorf, we headed to our hotel to drop our things off. Unfortunately, the hotel is five miles from the airport with only a little access. After jumping through a few hoops we finally made it to Dusseldorf city. The first thing we did was head off to the Christmas Market and get a bratwurst for lunch. It was very festive!

Next, we did the typical Dusseldorf sights like the old town and TV Tower. After leaving the TV Tower, we kept heading west to walk through the yuppie neighborhood and saw the Gehry buildings. Once finished there we headed off to do some last minute shopping at Galleria Kauhof.

For the final large meal we headed to Brauerei zum Schiffchen and got a pork knuckle and some sauerbraten. It was very filling and very fitting for the concluding meal of our trip.

Overall, it was a great trip. Kristen and I got engaged, we got to use some of our French in Paris, we saw another "wonder of the world" and ate a LOT of amazing food. Thank you Europe... til next time!

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