23 November 2010

Rings 'n Things

Starting off we need to do a quick recap of yesterday's events:
After leaving Cologne at 8 in the morning, we arrived in Paris at 11 am. Since we couldn't check in until 4:30 pm, we wandered the streets of Paris. Since it was Sunday most of the shops and cafes were closed. We did manage to find deux croque monsieurs for lunch. We went to Notre Dame, had some Berthillion ice cream and strolled the streets of Ile de St. Louis. We then checked into our 6th floor walk-up in the Bastille and then took a nap. Later we ventured out for dinner finding a cute bistro completely filled with locals, parfait!

Today however, was a whole new day. After waking up as many of the locals living on our floor were leaving, we decided to sit around in bed until 9am. Once we finally got up, we then began our day's itinerary at Le Sacre Coeur. This is where things get interesting. After six and a half years, I proposed to Kristen while overlooking Paris. I figured the best way to do it was in a place that she would never forget and Paris was that place. Once finished we headed of to Eric Kayser's bistro to celebrate! (See pictures for food)

Next, we went to check out some of "grand magasins" or hoity toity departments stores including Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. Both were very fancy and our purchases included toothpaste and discounted sparkling water. We both felt very luxurious.

By this point of the day we were dead tired and headed back to our apartment to figure out where to eat dinner and to take some quick naps. Both goals were achieved. For dinner we decided to eat at Au Vieux Chene. We use www.thefork.com to find a quality place and book our reservations. After we got home stuffed from a great meal of beef and quail we settled in to get ready for our final day in Paris tomorrow!


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