25 July 2009

On my own in Paris

After breakfast Charlton and I split up for 2 hours to see some of the city on our own. So with 25 euro in my pocket I set off. First stop was Shakespeare's. I saw it on an episode of Passport to Europe and knew I had to go visit. They weren't open when I got there so I found a cute little park and planned the rest of my afternoon. Back in the bookshop, I was blown away. It was an absolutely gorgeous space, with so many fun corners and lots of old tomes as well as everything you could want for today. Saw a few books I want to check out from the library for sure before I leave for Indiana.

Then, I made my way across the Seine to the Le Marais to look at all the cool shops. Next, a quick stop at Pompidou. After some quick pictures, I made my way down Haussmann, and popped into Galleries Lafayette. Then I hiked down Rue Royal, took some pictures at Place de Concorde before I practically ran to meet up with Charlton in front of the Louvre's pyramid.

Was a lot of fun, but it wore me out. I am definitely not cut off for extended periods of speed walking!

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