23 July 2009

Taquitos here I come!

The trip has been great, a wonderful cultural and learning experience, but I am definitely looking forward to coming home. Washing your clothes in hotel sinks is not very fun. Some of the things I am desperately looking forward to are, in no particular order:
  • a pedicure! - my feet have taken a real beating on this trip and need the pampering
  • my clothes - spent the last three months in a rotation of like 5 shirts, would be nice to have some variety
  • Biore strips - my face needs to be freed of all the junk in there
  • A big cold can of Diet Coke - tired of getting generic European cola
  • our munchkins - desperately need some cuddle time with the both of them
  • my family - we move in a little over a week when we get back, need to get some face time in with them
  • my car- not having to walk everywhere?! major plus
  • Rubio's - seriously, there is no explanation needed
If I think of anything else I will be sure to add it, I am sure there are lots more

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