13 July 2009

Waiting in Wien

We said good bye to Prague this morning. No time to see sights but just just enough to get packed up and to our station to get reservations for our train. Our reservation cost, basically went to providing us with juice, sandwich and the Austrian equivalent of Swiss Rolls. The train had very little air conditioning and we were excited to get to our apartment we arranged in Vienna.

We made the short walk from the station and rang the bell, and nothing. Rang it again, and still nothing. We waited a few minutes and rang again with still no answer. Charlton then took the reader with the manager's contact information and attempted to call her at a pay phone. And then the phone wasn't working. Then off to another phone, thinking we had missed her. Finally Charlton got her on the line to find out she forgot and would be there as soon as the traffic would allow about 1 hour and 45 minutes later.

So far all we have seen of Vienna is a park bench. Fantastic!


We have gotten our apartment in Vienna and are relaxing. Phew! Traveling is tiring!

Some pictures from yesterday. No pictures from today, it wasn't that exciting!

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