09 July 2009

In-N-Out...of Poland

We had a wonderful breakfast with Carolyn, Panos and Butch and had to pack up our bags to hit the road for the last push before heading home. So hard to leave family, especially since Carolyn and Panos absolutely spoiled us with their hospitality while we were there! thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! Excellent excursions, food and company! (I can't wait to make currywurst and your greek potatoes Carolyn!)

After big hugs we got on the train and headed to Berlin's new Haufbahnhof. The station was really impressive, we were disapointed we couldn't explore it very much. We hoped on a train headed toward Gorlitz, so we could have a little excursion to Zgorzelec, Poland. When we boarded our train connection in Cottbus, we had a harsh awakening that our rail passes didn't cover that leg as it was part of a private rail...DOH! So 24 Euros lighter we finally made it to the border of Germany and hiked across the bridge to Poland.

Zgorzelec wasn't much but it is surprisingly how different from Germany it is even though its so close. We made our way to their cultural museum that used to be a museum for the German Kaisers and they have pulled all the statues out and have scraped everything from that time, leaving big blanks. It was kind of interesting. After we saw all there was about to see we headed back to Germany and made our way to Dresden.

We checked into the hotel, got dinner at Lidl and then have spent the whole evening trying to book the rest of our hotels for the trip (getting harder as more people are travelling now) We are still waiting on one more confirmation and then we are set and it should be smooth sailing from here.

Tomorrow we explore Dresden and then we end the day in Prague where we will be joined by my brother Nathan!

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