07 July 2009

Berliner for a Day

As stated below Kristen and I took the "day off" from traveling and just relaxed here in Berlin, or in Hermsdorf more specifically. Up until 5pm the highlights of our day included:

- Taking a shower
- Doing laundry
- Surfing the internet
- Petting Butch the cat
- Eating lunch

After 5pm things got more interesting. We headed off to a marketplace and got some delicious Greek food and after a long post-dinner walk we saw such Berlin highlights as the Brandenberg Gate, The Reichstag, The Holocaust Memorial and much more.

We are full, we are clean, we are happy and for a night, we were German!

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Gutentag Berlin!

We got in super late last night/this morning and were so happy to be staying at Carolyn & Panos' house (Charlton's aunt and uncle). Beats hostel living that's for sure!

We stayed up late and had pasta and salad. After all the grocery store junk we were eating in Portugal it was great to have a home cooked meal.

We have lazed about for most of the day so far, eating a relaxing breakfast and doing some laundry (hooray we will have clean clothes!)

Germany has really been a second home for us on this trip, nice that we can recharge our batteries now that we just have a few more weeks to go!

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