04 July 2009

Olá Lisbon!

We got into Lisbon first thing this morning, after having breakfast in the train's dining car. However, the information we brought with us on our B&B didn't have the house number so we spent a lot of time at the train station seeing if they could look it up for us. They wrote down the street clearly for us and we figured we could find it marked when we got there...

Signage? Names on doors? Silly Charlton and Kristen! You are in the neighborhoods of Lisbon, its not like there will be a banner welcoming you! We wandered around for a good hour or so with our packs and finally used the internet at a hostel nearby so we could get the address. Phew! We got settled into our room on the top floor of a cool old building and chatted with the owner and played with his cat before getting cleaned up and making our plans for the day.

Now its time to get going!

Pictures and Barcelona recap to come tonight! Happy 4th everyone!

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