23 June 2009

Cheese Danishes and Swedish Meatballs

After a long night train we woke up in Copenhagen. We got reservations onto Oslo, Norway and then stored our bags and got a free map of the city.

We passed Tivoli (the second time this trip!) and then made our way to the Christianborg Palace. I was kind of palaced out and didn't want to take the tour. However, when we were looking for the admission information we found out you can tour the ruins UNDER the palace! Right down our alley! So we headed underground and got to see ruins of the old castles that were built on the site. We also got a peek into some of the palaces colorful history (2 fires!)

Then on the quest for food we walked along the Nyhavn district (way too pricey!) and had a snack before visiting a church. Then it was off to see the Little Mermaid and a nice walk through the park and another church visit. After peeking in tons of restaurants and everything WAY OUT OF OUR BUDGET we finally got a shrimp and egg sandwich at a grocery store.

We then walked trhough the king's gardens before heading back to the train station...for a trip to SWEDEN!

We hoped on a local train across the bridge to the Swedish city of Malmo. It was absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. We had a lot of fun seeing the Twisted Torso and just relaxing at the park near the beach. We then grabbed dinner at 7-11 of some swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. One of our favorite meals of the trip! Then we made the way back to Copenhagen to pick up the bags before taking the train back to Malmo (this time it was delayed 30 mins) before we hopped on our night train to Oslo. This time with our own private 6 bed coachette, SCORE!

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...or did you get lost in Amsterdam?

So last we left we were heading to Amsterdam for my birthday. We were excited to see some windmills, the canals and some wooden shoes. And it was some place different that neither of us had been to. We hopped on our first night train and got to Amsterdam from Munich around 9 in the morning.

We got reservations for our next train and then stored our bags at the train station. The next stop was to find a map of the city so we could go exploring. First shock of how expensive things are up north...they wanted €2 for a city map! Are you kidding me?! So we took as many canal handouts we could that would give us a general map of the city and then set off.

We walked through somewhat of the outside skirts of the red light district, then went to the Anne Frank House. The museum they set up there was really moving and put a lot of it into perspective. They did an excellent job with it.

Then we grabbed lunch at a grocery store, as everything else was super expensive, and ate along one of the canals. We then started toward the Van Gogh Museum, making stops at the flower market and cheese shop for some samples. We walked through Museum Plein and then was in for another shock...the museum cost €15 per person! Um no thanks, we can look at Van Gogh posters at the stands outside.

We were kind of over Amsterdam at this point, it was pretty but still kind of dirty and some of the people were sketchy (what do you expect with legalized prostition and marijuana) so we hoped on a local train to Haarlem, a little town outside Amsterdam. We walked around there for awhile and then headed back to Amsterdam so we could grab dinner at the train station.

My birthday dinner was some meat and cheese pastries from one of the shops at the station, with some pigeons as our fellow birthday party guests. And just because you are not at home doesn't mean you can't have cake! Charlton was super sweet and snuck off and bought some appelkuchen (apple cake, but it was more like pie) It was perfect!

We then hoped on our next night train en route for Copenhagen!

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Holy Guacamole!

We are currently in Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately, we have found out that while continental Europe is uncomfortably expensive, the Nordic countries are deathly expensive. Cheapest hotels are about 150USD per night, food is at least 15 to 20USD per meal. Way too much. We don't know where we are going from here, but it will certainly be some place a little bit more frugal!

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