18 June 2009

Turkish Food Recap

As Andrew Zimmern says, "if it looks good eat it!" and there has been little here that we haven't eaten so that tells you a lot about the food here in Turkey...it's GOOD!

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…It’s Nobody’s Business but the Turks

Today was our last day in Istanbul. Having done everything we wanted to do in the Old Town we thought it was about time for us to explore some of the New District. After our enjoying another rooftop breakfast, with our view of the Sea of Marmara, we made our way back to Eminonu. Instead of stopping at the ferry docks we headed across Galata Bridge. While crossing we got to watch all the fishermen along the bridge hoping for a bite.

On the other side of Golden Horn, we hoofed it up the hill to Taksim. We then made our way down the main shopping street in Istanbul, Istikal Caddesi. We poked our heads into a lot of places, but the only major purchase was a pair of Mavi jeans for me (Turkish brand) as I had to throw out my jeans I brought with me when I tore a HUGE hole in them in India. We grabbed lunch at a donner place on a corner near Galata Tower, and had our best sandwiches to date. We got some ayran as an after lunch snack and enjoyed it on a bench in the shadow of the tower.

We then made our way back to the Old Town side, and poked around the Spice Bazaar for a small backgammon board to take with us (backgammon is huge here) We finally found a travel sized board along Hasircilar Alley and now we just need to learn how to play!

Then it was on to the Grand Bazaar, which just blew threw on the way back to the hotel. We took naps and showered and then headed out for an early dinner. We went back to Ozlem Karadeniz (where we ate last night) for more kebabs, and they did not disappoint. After we headed to Locom, a candy shop down the street, to pick up some helva (since it was one sweet we hadn’t tried yet). Then it was time for one last walk through the Blue Mosque’s courtyard before we came back to the hotel.

We are turning in early tonight as our flight leaves around 6, and our shuttle picks us up at 3. Good night Istanbul, it’s been fun!

**Note: Ozlem Karadeniz is located on Terzihane Sok., up the street from the Hippodrome (on the Blue Mosque end) It is across the street from a DIA Supermarketi…so if you want some good cheap kebabs while you are in Istanbul Suksri, make sure you stop here!**

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