28 May 2009

The Angkor Sunrise

The Angkor Sunrise

This is what you get for getting up at 4:30am in the morning.

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Photographs Which Were Once Taken

Time for a little bit of catch up.

Time for some fruit from the fruit market (jealous?).

Arriving in Siem Reap (the name means Siam defeated, can you believe that?).

Got up to see Angkor Wat at 4:30am. Longest. Day. Ever. It was absolutely worthwhile however.

Getting ready to leave. By this time were had our fill of hearing "Hey mister, cold drink?", "Hey, lady want a scarf?" and the legendary "You want Tuk Tuk, see temples very cheap!".

Last full day in Bangkok. We visited the Stamp Museum. It was stamp-tastic! Other than the stamp museum we got our fill of Khao Soi and wrapped up some things here in Bangkok.

In 24 hours. India.

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Last we left off...

we were going to relax after our long day exploring Siem Reap. We headed back to our room and watched some Amazing Race Asia and took a nap, then after a heavy downpour we ventured out to get dinner at a restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet (can't beat a restaurant Mick Jagger has visited!) Dinner was delicious too, we loved it! After that we ventured around the Old Market area and then went to the night markets (there are 3 within a stone's throw from each other)

Yesterday we slept in, had peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast then walked to Center Market and picked up a copied travel guide for India and then walked to Lucky Mall before heading to the hotel and taking the tuk tuk to the airport.

We got back to Bangkok, got dinner at Big C, did a little shopping and then headed home to go to bed.

Today we are going to take it easy and prepare for India and try to eat as much Thai food as we can! We will try to post the pics as soon as we can.

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