13 May 2009

One Night in Bangkok

After all our fun at Chulalongkorn and the Snake Farm, Charlton and I went back to Siam Paragon and did more window shopping at Siam Center and Discovery Center. Then we met with his cousin Pong and his girlfriend for dinner at MK Trendi for sukiyaki. The food was delicious and we had a great time (thanks Pong for dinner!) Then Charlton and I went out to hit the streets of Bangkok for some of the nightlife.

First, we headed to Pat Pong, the famous district known for its Ping Pong shows and go-go dancing. Can we say "EWWWW!" I was hustling through there as quickly as possible. Was really dirty and sleazy there. Also got stepped on so we decided to leave and didn't spend much time looking at the night bazaar stalls in between the clubs.

We then walked past Lumphini Park to Suan-Lim Night Bazaar. Charlton had never been so it was nice to see something new together. The Bazaar was really large and mostly covered, and there was stall after stall of goods. It was much cleaner there than any of the other markets and bazaars we had gone to. I would have liked to spend more time there but it started to pour so we decided it was best to head home and come back another night. We can always make time for shopping *wink wink*

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While we were waiting for the afternoon snake show, Suksri took us to see her university Chulalongkorn. The school was very pretty and we had fun walking around. But what was even more fun?? Winding up in the middle of freshman welcome day! We were in the thick of booth after booth of all the majors, selling shirts and notebooks. Was a total blast! And now all three of us can sport our Chula gear. Although Suksri got the best one, a Freshy shirt!

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Snake, Snake, It's a Snake!

Yesterday we headed to the Red Cross' Snake Farm.  It has tons of venomous snakes that it uses to create anti-venom.  It also has a bunch of non-venomous snakes for educational purposes.  Outdoors it has huge encloures for cobras and pythons.  Then inside it has two stories of everything snake related.  Very very interesting.

We were able to see the milking presentation in the morning which was held in their indoor auditorium. Then we went and got some lunch nearby at a street stall (yummy chicken and rice!) and then got ice cream before heading back for the snake show. The show was about an hour presentation on various venomous and non-venous snakes and we got to see a lot of cobras in action. Then Charlton and I were brought up at the end of the show, to be blessed in a Thai wedding custom of having a snake draped between us for a "long wedded life".

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This just in, Durian still smells.

Well Kristen and I had durian again. I've never been a huge fan of it. It tastes alright, however the smell that waifs up through your nose is absolutely horrendous. The first time Kristen had durian, it wasn't fully ripe and she didn't think it was that bad. However, that would change at the food court at Mah Boon Krong center.

My mom ordered a dessert that consisted of durian, coconut milk, and ice and offered it up for us to try. It was both Kristen and my second time sampling this pungent fruit. She didn't enjoy it as much. This durian was particularly ripe and just like a pair of underwear that has been pooped in and sat around for a few weeks, it didn't smell good exactly.

There is a reason that there are sharp spikes on the outside of the fruit. It means keep out. DO. NOT. EAT. EVER.

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