07 May 2009

Where in the World are We?!

Quick list of what we did today:

Spend the day in sunny 70 degree weather
Eat at McDonald's while using a coupon
Tour a baseball stadium
Walk past a Hard Rock Cafe
Stop at a Big Dogs store
Walk along the boardwalk
Stop by at German festival and contemplate getting currywurst
Take pictures like this:

Maybe after hearing this description you are as confused as we were. This isn't Japan. This isn't Fukuoka. This is San Diego.

No wait it is Fukuoka. We're here right before catching our flight on Saturday to Bangkok. However, due to the items listed above, it sure doesn't feel like we're in Fukuoka. I'm not too sure what Fukuoka should feel like, but I don't think it should seem as similar to San Diego as it does.

From what I have experienced it is very nice here. The weather today was enjoyable. The city is clean and it has a beach. We spent much of the day walking around and doing some shopping (looking no buying). The highlight of our day was taking a tour of Fukuoka's home field, the Yahoo! dome. It was fairly standard baseball stadium tour except for once we were let on the field, we were able to put on jerseys, gloves and hats to look like a real player. It was a fun experience.

Tomorrow, we will venture to the Tenjin district to get a feel of what Fukuoka is really like as well as escape back to the clutches of Japan for our final day here.
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