04 May 2009

Himeji Castle

Keeping Guard

Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan.
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04.24.09 Tokyo

Ok, I've been bad. I've taken thousands of photos and have only shared four of them. Bad Charlton.

I am going to try to remedy that by selecting ten photos per day and getting them up (I'll do my best but no promises!)

Here are some from our first day in Tokyo:

Day Two:

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Ōsaka Out

This morning we managed to leave Osaka. Barely.

I had set an alarm to make sure we left our hostel by 7:30am to make our 8:17am train. It's hard to leave at 7:30 when you wake up at 7:20am. Through a lot of hustling, we managed to make our train with about ten minutes to spare! Whew.

The reason we have had to adhere to such a strict schedule is right now we are in the heart of Golden Week here in Japan.

We were headed to Himeji Castle in Himeji which was about a half hour away from Osaka. We got there around 9am and rented our (free) bikes and headed up to the castle. Once we got to the main part there was about a twenty minute wait to get in. Once in it was pretty much an hour and a half line to go from top to bottom. Overall though, it was very impressive and breathtaking. If I were trying to overtake this castle, I think I would get about ten steps in before I was killed. It was that fortified.

After we left we discovered the reason that we had to get there early. There was a line of about 1,000 people waiting to get in. As we were leaving I could only shake my head knowing how many hours those people would have to wait. If I were them I would have stayed home.

Next we biked around Himeji trying to find lunch. We got about a half mile down a side street until we discovered a great noodle shop. I had a milk and pork broth with egg noodles, an egg and some pork, and Kristen got a pork over rice dish. In addition there was a seaweed salad which was very tasty. Kristen actually consumed about a Mission Beach worth of seaweed. With full bellies we then headed back to the station to get to Kurashiki.

Kurashiki was relaxing and enjoyable after a busy past few days. It's a smaller river town with historic buildings and shops lining the river. We strolled around and went to a few temples before heading back to our hotel with our convenience store bought dinner.

Tomorrow we are off to Hiroshima. Will write more then!

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Things I've Learned from T-Shirts in Japan

1. Is love ready for life love?
2. Fantastic cars ready now
3. Hurry up big TOKYO
4. Eight Lives of Nine Cats in the City
5. Fresh Sausages Daily

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