25 April 2009

Shibuya and Roppongi Recap

So after we finished at the Meiji shrine we headed to Shibuya. There are so many cool shops and stores and let alone the crazy Shibuya crossing, the one most of you have seen with all the lit up ads on television. It was a blast to walk around and see, but totally packed to the gills with people. We also made a stop at the Hachiko statue. I know Addie would not have waited for us to come home for as long as Hachiko waited for his master.

We hightailed it over to Roppongi and got a view of the city at dusk. Not as stunning as the pictures of it at night, but gorgeous still the same. By this time we were pooped and headed home. We got a quick dinner at the Family Mart down the street of some various sandwiches and some yogurt. Then we both crashed watching our Slingboxed episode of American Idol (thanks Nathan!) all to do it again today!

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Meiji Shrine Recap

After cruising around the Shiodome area we headed to the Meiji shrine. It is housed in a gorgeous park like setting making it hard to believe that you are in the middle of such a busy metropolis. The path is lined by Japanese maples and is so lush. We sprung for the inner garden walk and it allowed us to ditch the crowds. Was absolutely gorgeous! Then we headed to the shrine and made an offering and checking out all the gift shop trinkets.

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Ginza and beyond

Shortly after visiting the palace, Charlton and I busted out the guidebook to see if there was anything nearby that was worthy of seeing. He had already planned to take me to Ginza and a little farther south was ADMT in the Shiodome district. With me going into Marketing, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the museum. So we walked though the posh streets of Ginza, passing by the designer stores. We were both starving but everything was too rich for our tastes and we needed to get something considerably cheaper than our breakfast since we had splurged a little. We kept walking and finally found a little noodle shop on a side street and both had a huge bowl of noodles. It was delicious and totally gave us the boost we needed to head to Shiodome.

ADMT was such a cool experience. It really is really interesting to see how they had incoporated print ads and television to create the exhibits. They had some of the oldest print ads I had ever seen right next to ads we practically saw on the plane over. The whole thing is housed right next door to the Dentsu ad agency, and really cool.

We then headed across the courtyard and checked out the Panasonic Living Showroom. We got to walkthrough a ton of modern kitchens and bathrooms, and play with all the home gadgets. Was pretty neat, wish they carried some of the stuff we saw in the states, I would be totally remodeling our place with the overhead cabinets they had.

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Imperial Palace Recap

So after leaving Tsukiji we headed toward the Imperial Palace. Charlton had arranged for a free tour and it was really cool to be able to go inside. It was about an hour and a half walking tour, I think we missed out on a lot as we only had the English audio guides, but the sites were still pretty impressive. We were part of a large school tour group, and teenagers are exactly the same no matter what coutry they are from. We spent most of the tour laughing at the kids and teasing that we were the same height as they were and should just follow them for the rest of the day.

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Raining in Tokyo

It's pouring outside as we are getting ready to head out for the day. We ventured out already when it was sprinkling so we could get something to eat as I gobbled up all the Pocky from last night. We hit the am/pm and got some pastries and came back to have them with some tea in the hotel lobby. Really hit the spot. We made our list of things we still wanted to do and hopefully it will be a much more relaxed pace as I think we overdid it yesterday.

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Tsukiji Recap

I am sorry for our disappointing blog post from yesterday. We were beat! We got up super early (like 4:30) to get ready for Tsukiji. We decided to fogoe to the tuna auctions that start around 5ish to avoid having to pay $60 for a cab and took the subway instead. Charlton went to the market the last time he was hear but was a little disoriented when he got off the subway. Made it nice that we could follow a little old man with a wicker basket and wellies to the market. Charlton had warned me that the market was CRAZY! and he wanted me to pay very close attention to my surroundings. And that was an understatement! There are men in electric carts, men pushing carts, cars, bicycles everywhere you turn. And not to mention the fish! They are everywhere, I was so close to getting eel all over me when a man on a scooter drove by with them flopping around in bloody water. But it was so much fun! I have never seen so many kinds of fish in one place.

Next I dragged Charlton to another outpost where there was the fruit and veggie market of Tsukiji. They had some of the most beautiful produce I have ever seen. There were scallions as long as my arm! Was really neat and a lot less crazy than the fish market side.

Then after Charlton and I went to the little sushi bar he found on his trip last time and had breakfast! And as most of you know I am not a huge fan of sushi, and here I am having it for breakfast. But I figure when in Tokyo you gotta. It was delicious and something I will never have the opporunity to do again. After our meal I dragged Charlton to the fruit market again and bought some of the most expensive cherries (doh!) but they were really tasty too. Made for an enjoyable morning, but it totally thre off our time clocks as we thought it was so much later the rest of the day.

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