02 May 2009

Sayonara Nara

So we finished up our stay in Nara, we both loved the city a lot and were sad to leave. Especially the B&B was awesome and we met some really good people. If we were to do it again we would most likely use Nara as our base and head to Kyoto as a day trip (even if we went for 2 days) Oh well, you live and you learn. With our full bellies we headed through Nara Park and to Kasuga Grand Shrine. We skipped the admission fee and just walked around it peeking in. It was a little too crowded for our liking anyway. Then we made our way back through the park, spending time walking passed all the food carts selling all sorts of carnival like food. The highlight was watching everyone feed the deer the deer cookies they had purchased. The girls and kids would squeal, was a riot.

Then we made our way back to the main shopping district grabbed a mochi and poked in a few places and then settling for lunch at a grocery store right in the thick of it. Got some seaweed salad, a huge prepared plate with everything from sausage, katsu, duck? and pickles. Such a great value.

We then headed to the B&B to pick up our bags and head to the station. 40 minutes later we are here in Osaka, lounging in our room. We are planning on maximizing our weekend here by taking it easy much like we did today. We leave here Monday morning first thing and head for Hiroshima. So we will trying to enjoy the rest while we can.

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