14 May 2009

Mansions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

After getting some lunch here near the condo we headed to the Vimanmek Mansion, the largest teak house. King Rama V had it built in the early 1900s. It was built in the traditional style without nails and just wood pegs. While it was very pretty, none of us were happy with the wardrobe restrictions...long pants?! Covered shoulders?! ugh! All three of us were extremely disappointed in the English tour. Suksri even tried to see if she could join a Thai tour in the middle of ours to get some more information, and was firmly told no. We all left in a grumpy moods and with no pictures (since they locked up our camera).

Then it was off to the zoo! We walked down to the Dusit Zoo and spent the rest of the day walking around and seeing all the animals. There were loads of monkeys and we got to see lots of the animals up close in personal. I even had the chance to feed one of the elephants when one of the other tourists dropped some of the food they were feeding them.

We got back pretty late after taking the bus home and we were all about dead. We got in our suits and headed to the pool to cool off and relax. Then it was time to find dinner from one of the vendors down the street. We all got bowls of Cow Cow Moo then it was time to come back here and veg.

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Blogger Frederick said...

Hummmmmm..... So the "respect royalty" traditions dampened King Rama Vth house tour. It's good to experience cultural differences.
To bad you couldn't have joined the Thai tour and have Suksri interpret for you. No pictures not even outside.....:((

14 May, 2009 16:28  

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