01 May 2009

Kristen's Kyoto

Sayonara Kyoto

So we packed up our bags this morning, and hurried out of our hostel as we had to drop our bags off at the station before taking the subway to the Imperial Palace for our tour at 10. Charlton only had the name of the gate we were starting the tour and of course none of our maps had the gate names. So we had to wing it and get to the closest station and then rely on a map once we got there. I am really glad in the rush this morning I had grabbed a Nutrigrain bar otherwise I would have been famished on the hour long tour. While we did get to see a lot, didn’t feel like we see as much as we did in Tokyo, but maybe that’s just me. We did, however, have an English speaking tour guide a great improvement from the audio-guide in Tokyo.

After the tour it was back to Kyoto station for lunch in the attached Isetan mall. We found a ramen shop that had a vending machine and settled in. Lunch was really good, and definitely what we needed after all that hustling this morning.

Once we finished, we hopped on the local JR line to Inari to see the Fushimi Inari. It is a gorgeous shrine area that has 4 km of toriis one after another. Each torii is sponsored by a different corporation. They were really beautiful and it was a peaceful walk and not to crowded. We probably did 3 km of the walk though because the last bit was uphill and we wanted to save our legs for the walking we would be doing in Nara later. So back on the JR to Kyoto station where caught another train back to Nara for the rest of our day…
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