02 May 2009

Evening in Osaka

So after lounging around at the hostel we decided it was time to venture out. We saw that Hep 5 was only a stop away so we decided we would check it out. It's a 9 floor building (plus 2 more basement levels) of shops, video games, food and to top it off a ferris wheel. Sounded like a good activity for the night, and to give you an idea we left around 5 and just got back at 10ish...there is that much stuff!

Osaka station was chaotic, and not organized chaos, just chaos. There were so many people and the station is under construction so everyone is going in all different directions. We finally found an exit and took the roundabout way to Hep 5. We started on the first floor and were bombarded with store after store of trendy bordering on ridiculous clothes...and that went on for at least 6 floors. Then there was a break and there was a food level of mid-tier restaurants and then up a little further was the ferris wheel, then an art gallery, and then 2 levels of Sega games (the last of the two were all gambling ones) After getting a feel for it, and being totally overwhelmed we headed to the bottom basement floor and ate dinner in the HUGE food court called Snack Park. Charlton got a Soba dish and I got noodles and sushi. Then it was off to get sale pastries at Don Q before hitting the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel was absolutely awesome at night! It was a really long and relaxing ride too, and you can see all of Osaka lit up. Once the ride was over it was off to Joypolis (the arcade) where we played one game and watched a lot of people play games we had never even heard of (the typist of the dead anyone?!)

Then it was time for us to head back here to the hostel with a quick stop at the grocery store for some drinks. We need to plan how we want to spend our lazy Sunday...more crazy malls? Osaka castle?! Cup of Noodles museum?!

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