10 May 2009

Chatuchak Weekend Market

With only so many weekends here in Thailand we figured today was the best day to head to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. So we snacked on the fruit we had bought last night on the street and headed out into the 90+ degree heat.

Suksri wisely advised that we take the bus there instead of walking the whole way. That in itself was an adventure (both there and back)

It's hard to summarize the experience in words. There are stalls upon stalls selling silks, necklaces, incense, bags, jeans and dogs and cats (the hardest part for me). It's overwhelming but not unbearable. I am still baffled by how cheap everything is. Lunch for all of us (skewers, papaya salad, larb & sticky rice) all for less that $3! It is total sensory overload here, but in a good way.

Charlton and Suksri are both recovering from the morning out (ie. napping) I may go get my suit on and get greased up for the pool. Can't be cooped up for long!

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