05 May 2009

Adventures in Breakfasting

Just got back from our first continental breakfast in Japan, and needless to say it was interesting. We are practically the only Westerners in Kurashiki, so when we walked into the lobby it was like all the old timey saloon scenes when the music just stops. Then everyone started to go about their business but keeping one eye on us the whole time. We spent a good couple minutes looking for clean plates, almost grabbing from the dirty pile when we first got there. Finally finding them in a drawer we went about getting some food, which consisted of hard boiled eggs (soft yolks), assorted breads, and bananas. When we went to get some coffee both of us were yelled at by the hotel's Cooking Mama, who stole our cups away because they were not perfectly lined up under the spout and poured our coffee. Later I went to get what I thought was tea and ended up getting chicken broth (club 33 style, except mine was doctored with sugar, ick!) Then I had a Japanese woman spill her coffee on my breakfast on my lap. Fun times!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very beautiful breakfast, Mr. Templar...

05 May, 2009 13:11  

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