10 April 2009

Where Are You Going?

So tomorrow is a big day. It is the last day of work for Kristen and I. For me it will be a big change. I have been at my current company for exactly three years so I've naturally developed friendships which I will miss. However, all good things have to come to an end and new journeys have to start. 
For Kristen and I our journey is twofold. First, this Fall will we be in Bloomington, Indiana attending graduate business school. Second, and the reason we are keeping this online journal, is we are embarking on huge world trip.
As you can see above, we have big plans for the next three months. We will try our best to provide somewhat up to date information of what we are doing and seeing here.
Where in the World are you going?
So our trip starts on April 22, 2009 and can be broken up in four major sections:
Japan - Two Weeks
Thailand - Three Weeks
India - Ten Days
Europe - Six Weeks
On July 27, 2009 we will be returning to San Diego.
In the next four days I will take some time to put some more detailed notes down regarding where we are going exactly. Feel free to leave some comments or send an email to me at cclemens31@gmail.com.


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Blogger Frederick said...

Good to see the route plotted. How was mickey and donald trip, go on any rides?
I'm checking out your web thing, and I thought nothing was being posted until I relized that the page was so huge i had to slide the bar at the bottom over to the right to see the column with the posts. I think you mentioned about this on the last trip. At any rate it's coming together, and in another week your be onto the great race.....fritzdad

14 April, 2009 14:45  

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