04 April 2009

They're taking me to Marrakesh...

This is the fun part of planning, discovering new things and learning about a culture...and then soon experiencing it first hand. While I always knew that we would go to India (on my must list) I was not that familiar with Morocco. Don't get me wrong, I love tagine! But I didn't know much more about the country. I started trying to plan a crazy ferry ride to Fez a few months back but that didn't pan out. Marrakesh made the list of destinations, and I was so excited that I could use the Fodor's Morocco Guide I won on Wedding Bee. Marrakesh is what Fodor's calls the heartbeat of Morocco *swoon* After only reading a few pages I knew that we had to stay in a riad, which is like a large house with an interior garden, because they are goregous.

I narrowed down a list of some I found and Riad 107 is sticking out to me, I am going to try to sway Charlton on it tonight, but with pictures like this how is he not going to love it?!

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