25 April 2009

Shibuya and Roppongi Recap

So after we finished at the Meiji shrine we headed to Shibuya. There are so many cool shops and stores and let alone the crazy Shibuya crossing, the one most of you have seen with all the lit up ads on television. It was a blast to walk around and see, but totally packed to the gills with people. We also made a stop at the Hachiko statue. I know Addie would not have waited for us to come home for as long as Hachiko waited for his master.

We hightailed it over to Roppongi and got a view of the city at dusk. Not as stunning as the pictures of it at night, but gorgeous still the same. By this time we were pooped and headed home. We got a quick dinner at the Family Mart down the street of some various sandwiches and some yogurt. Then we both crashed watching our Slingboxed episode of American Idol (thanks Nathan!) all to do it again today!

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Blogger Tanglewood said...

Thats awesome that you used the slingbox. It'll be funny when I'm watching TV and all of a sudden it goes to Martha Stewart Show.

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.


26 April, 2009 19:48  

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