24 April 2009

Plugging Along in Tokyo

Kristen and I just got back to our hotel room. What a long day. I'm pretty tired so I'll just do bullet points. Thrilling, I know.

- Tsukiji Fish Market
- Some sort of veggie market
- Ryogoku (Sumo town)
- Tour of Imperial Palace
- Got train reservations for rest of trip at Tokyo Station
- Went to a fancy Japanese Advertising museum
- Meiji Gardens
- Shibuya Crossing
- Ginza
- Roppongi

That was a lot and we are tired!

Time for bed!


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Blogger Frederick said...

Yo Mama&Son
Well cool beans on the trip so far.....I like Googled every placed you visited on yr list man. Wow Hot tour sites and Lots of cool history of Edo to the 15th century, with shoguns and empores and stuff.... Ritz on the shopping huh...
Looks like a fun time for sure man..... well later dude n dudess .....Daddy-Oh!

24 April, 2009 21:09  

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