03 April 2009

hello my name is kristen, and yes i still blog

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Yes, I know I have been MIA lately. Bad Kristen! But getting all of our ducks in a row to plan our trip, prepare for grad school and our upcoming move has been taxing. Then throw in my breaking my arm on Friday the 13th, it has been a little much.

I went from obsessing about the trip and future apartments, to obsessing about doctor's appointments and health coverage. But with the trip being only 19 days away, sort of need to get our tails in gear.

Most of the big stuff is done, so then we can get to the fun what are we going to do when we get there stuff. We are huge fans of lastminute.com and typically don't give ourselves too much notice before a trip. Normally we just wander and will have a few must see's that we have to hit. Kind of hard to operate this way when you are going to so many places, but we will have to try. There is no Phil Keoghan to guide us.

From now on I promise to be more active posting! (I know I know you have heard it before) With everything pretty much set up should be a little easier to focus on writing about the planning process and not overwhelmed by everything else.

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