10 April 2009

gobble gobble

I am definitely having to play a lot of catch up. That's what happens when the two of us are running at 1,000 mph trying to plan, pack and pack some more. Leaves very little time to reflect where we are. But anyways...I found searched for hours in trying to acquire a room rental in Istanbul but to no avail. Most places were way out of our price range, or ended up out of our range when you factored in the agency fees. Having never been to Turkey we both opted to have the modern conveniences of an established hotel versus sharing a bathroom with a tenet who may or not speak English. So I had to scrap that idea, expecially after discovering a Trip Advisor article that did not recommend any of the places that were in our range. Still think I did all right.

We will be staying at the Hotel Pensisula, which is centrally located in Istanbul. A lot of the hotels have beautiful views of the mosques and Pensinsula is no exception! We will be enjoying our breakfast from a chair here:

and at 55 euros...practically a steal!

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