25 April 2009

Ginza and beyond

Shortly after visiting the palace, Charlton and I busted out the guidebook to see if there was anything nearby that was worthy of seeing. He had already planned to take me to Ginza and a little farther south was ADMT in the Shiodome district. With me going into Marketing, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the museum. So we walked though the posh streets of Ginza, passing by the designer stores. We were both starving but everything was too rich for our tastes and we needed to get something considerably cheaper than our breakfast since we had splurged a little. We kept walking and finally found a little noodle shop on a side street and both had a huge bowl of noodles. It was delicious and totally gave us the boost we needed to head to Shiodome.

ADMT was such a cool experience. It really is really interesting to see how they had incoporated print ads and television to create the exhibits. They had some of the oldest print ads I had ever seen right next to ads we practically saw on the plane over. The whole thing is housed right next door to the Dentsu ad agency, and really cool.

We then headed across the courtyard and checked out the Panasonic Living Showroom. We got to walkthrough a ton of modern kitchens and bathrooms, and play with all the home gadgets. Was pretty neat, wish they carried some of the stuff we saw in the states, I would be totally remodeling our place with the overhead cabinets they had.

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