13 February 2009

In the Planning Stages

Nippon HarbourIt's always exciting for me to plan a trip. I enjoy searching for cheap airfare, finding hotels at great values and scouting places off the beaten path which to visit.

On April 22, 2009, Kristen and I are going to embark on the longest trip of both of our lives. Our journey will take us Amazing Race style, literally, around the world. Much of the planning still needs to be determined, but we know which countries we will be going to. Along the way we will stop in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Turkey, Morocco and all over Europe (we will eventually figure out where specifically we are going). Overall, it will be a three month journey before we head off to business school. In a way this trip is a reward. A reward for finishing five years of work, a reward for getting into school, or even a reward for for making it through 27 years of our lives. Regardless what this trip is for and what it represents it will be a good time for the both of us. Kristen and I plan on putting our thoughts along the journey here. Be sure to check back as we add stuff up until departure and through our trip and beyond.

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