11 August 2008

Defining the Teams

I am unsure if lead has expressed his love for food in his blog, but he loves it. He is a discriminating foodie when he wants to be but he has a soft spot for snacks of any kind (chips, cookies, popcorn, candy) He loves the gourmet stuff when he can get his hands on it, but he easily falls into the fast food and snack aisle and will leave only when he has to unbutton the pants. He also is a lover of all things meat, this is his idea of heaven:

And this is mine:

This makes dining together a little difficult, since I gravitate all that is fruit and veggie, and he wants anything meaty or fried. It's a difficult little tight rope we walk, but I bet it will be a little more difficult while we are bouncing around.

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Figured I would introduce myself, and let you know what my focuses (foci?) will be for our trip.

First and foremost, I LOVE food. I think that probably would be an understatement. I eat (hehe), sleep, and dream about food. I am a Food network junkie and tastespotting & foodgawker addict. So I am really going to spend as much time as I can discussing the unique cuisines and delicaces of where we are going to visit. And definitely cooking schools I am going to beg lead to take with me.

I also love design, art and papergoods. So I will try to wiggle that in somewhere.

I dream of this trip being like an episode of No Reservations, I want to get a sense of the culture and the people of the places we visit because that is how you truly get to know a place. I can't wait!

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thelejo: WORLD

Sunset at Wat Chedi Luang

New journal for a newly planned trip. As of now inApril 2009 Kristen and myself (Charlton) will be taking a jaunt around the world. This is before to our planned trip to B-School. There are a lot of details to be worked out between now and when we leave, but we hope to keep track of what is going on through this site as well as issuing updates while we are on our trip!



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