14 August 2008


So the only people I know that lived in the sewer were Donatello, Michaelango, Leonardo and Raphael (if you can count mutant turtles as people) but the Dasparkhotel in Linz, Austria looks too cool to pass up! lead isn't keen on the idea, but apartment therapy had a link a zillion years ago to Core 77, and how could you not want to stay in a place like this:

Located right on the Danube, Dasparkhotel is like beach camping without the tent. There are no restroom facilities so you have to be ninja like and use the public ones nearby (however, they do provide you with a map so you can locate them, ain't that sweet!) My favorite feature other than the design is Dasparkhotel (brain child of Andi Strauss) is the "pay as you wish" rate where customers leave a Euro amount that they can afford and with which they wish to support the project. Can we say score!?!

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