14 August 2008

Small World

So I am sitting here reading small is the new big and Seth Godin has a riff on Poilane my absolute favorite bakery we visited in Paris last year. I discovered Poilane on the Martha Stewart show, and made it one of my musts on our trip. They opened the have been in business since 1932 and are passionate about their bread. The quality of their product really speaks for itself when a majority of the local restaurants serve their bread. We were lucky to visit the first Poilane and sample some of the Punitions and pastries. Can't wait to go back, but for now will have to read about them and lick my lips in antcipation!

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Blogger Brandi said...

This sounds amazing and I'm so jealous! I miss Parisian bakeries. p.s- thanks for checking out my blog :)

03 March, 2009 03:59  

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