11 August 2008


Figured I would introduce myself, and let you know what my focuses (foci?) will be for our trip.

First and foremost, I LOVE food. I think that probably would be an understatement. I eat (hehe), sleep, and dream about food. I am a Food network junkie and tastespotting & foodgawker addict. So I am really going to spend as much time as I can discussing the unique cuisines and delicaces of where we are going to visit. And definitely cooking schools I am going to beg lead to take with me.

I also love design, art and papergoods. So I will try to wiggle that in somewhere.

I dream of this trip being like an episode of No Reservations, I want to get a sense of the culture and the people of the places we visit because that is how you truly get to know a place. I can't wait!

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