12 August 2008

Getting Our Hands Dirty

In my introduction post, I went on and on about how I love food but completely forgot to mention how I love volunteering. I think it is very important for me to help individuals that are less fortunate than myself, think of it almost as a duty. I think the whole mentality of service was drilled into me when I was a Girl Scout, and I haven't shaken it. So I volunteer at work sponsered events and I am an assistant Girl Scout leader. So when I came across this post on apartment therapy today, mye eyes lit up. We could volunteer on our trip! Volunteer globalization here I come! I checked out Globe Aware and they have programs during our trip in places we were interested in visiting. I would be hard pressed to pick just one and would want to volunteer at all of them. I am sure lead would veto it, it can be expensive but what an experience! I will have to make sure I pack my work gloves.

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